Christian Broecking

08.02.2021 – The central theme of Christian Broecking’s journalistic work, the one he always returned to anew, was the political and social relevance of the aesthetically and intellectually rich forms of music, which fall under the label of jazz. The African-American origins of jazz always bring the experience of racism, segregation, and lack of property with it, along with the impulse of rebellion against them – this is something not to be forgotten in the turmoil of styles and debates. This is how one of the central concerns of Christian Broecking’s work can be described.

Broecking was born in Flensburg in 1957 and has lived in Berlin since time immemorial, always close to music. He worked for daily and weekly newspapers and was a co-initiator of the Berlin Jazz Radio, of which he was program director from 1994 to 1998. He has been on the jazz jury for the German Record Critics’ Prize since 2002, worked for specialist magazines and radio, taught at universities, wrote books, and at some point began to publish them himself. His first book publication, which caused quite a stir, was the interview volume »Der Marsalis Faktor«; the last weighty book in his in retrospect extraordinarily consistent history of publications was a work on the pianist Irene Schweizer. Christian Broecking died surrounded by his family on February 2nd after a long, hard-fought illness. Many readers, listeners, colleagues, and friends will miss him terribly.

For the PdSK: Hans-Jürgen Linke