The Honorary Award 2022

31.01.2022 – Congratulations and a triple flourish! Today, the German Record Critics’ Award announces its three honorary award winners for 2022!

The jurors of the PdSK eV award the Honorary Awards to personalities from the music world who have set new standards in their respective spheres and thus stand up for the record as a cultural asset. As such, awards are given to: Manfred Eicher, and head of the record label ECM, who is inexhaustibly curious about discovery and, thanks to his decidedly distinctive aesthetics, continues to give a home to countless artists from classical music, jazz, and world music; the harpsichordist and conductor William Christie, who, as a true polyhistor, devoted himself passionately and unreservedly to the stylistically appropriate revival of lost treasures of baroque music and thus set a precedent; and, last but not least, Peter Brötzmann, saxophonist, bandleader, and composer, who went his own way, changed listening habits and set standards in avant-garde jazz.

All three have done groundbreaking work in their respective fields, as the jury explains in the laudations.

Since it is not yet possible to foresee when we will finally be able to celebrate and honor our award winners again together with the audience and live in concert, the official laudations are already being read out today via video.

Click here for the laudations and videos.

The following jurors worked in the 2021 annual committee of the PdSK: Manuel Brug (Jury Opera II), Eleonore Büning (Jury Chamber Music II), Jörn Florian Fuchs (Jury Verbal Art), Christine Heise (Jury Rock), Julia Kaiser (Jury Chamber Music II), Christian Kröber (Jury Keyboard Music I), Tobias Rapp (Jury Club & Dance), Isabel Steppeler (Jury Electronic & Experimental), Markus Thiel (Jury Lied & Vocal Recital) und Matthias Wegner (Jury Jazz II).