Quarterly Critic’s Choice

The best and most interesting new releases of the previous three months are awarded a place on the Quarterly Critic’s Choice. Evaluation criteria are artistic quality, repertoire value, presentation, and sound quality. From 2014 onward, the Long Lists are stored directly with each Quarterly Critic’s Choice.

NEW: Long List 3/2022, published: 06.07.2022

Quarterly Critic’s Choice

Electronic and Experimental

Dark Star Safari: Walk Through Lightly

LP/DL, Arjunamusic Records AMEL-LP721 (Alive)

This is the second album by Jan Bang, Erik Honore, Eivind Aarset, Samuel Rohrer, and John Derek Bishop to use the name »Dark Star Safari« for their sonic sound safaris. Together they embark on a trip to the stark, nocturnal, and introspective yet intelligent Leftfield pop, often led by Bang’s sonorous and longing vocal performance, laced with elements of dub. The emotional depth of these mostly fragmentary compositions and their dark, mysterious moments move atmospherically between jazz, ambient electronics, and impressionist melody. Just beautiful! For the jury: Olaf Maikopf