Quarterly Critic’s Choice

The best and most interesting new releases of the previous three months are awarded a place on the Quarterly Critic’s Choice. Evaluation criteria are artistic quality, repertoire value, presentation, and sound quality. From 2014 onward, the Long Lists are stored directly with each Quarterly Critic’s Choice.

Quarterly Critic’s Choice

German language Singer/Songwriters

Tobi Thiele & Die Kundschafter des Liedes: Es brennt

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Tobi Thiele’s third album is the quintessence of remarkable development. In 2017 already, the jury of the Liederbestenliste awarded him a sponsorship prize. More awards didn’t take long. With his band, the »Kundschaftern des Liedes«, he brings handmade music to the disc, wonderfully versatile in terms of composition. The texts are all written to the point. The title song »Es brennt« denounces the destruction of the environment and our handling of climate change. In »So klein« there is a critique of capitalism that is as clever as it is poetically formulated – yes, that is possible! Each of the thirteen songs is a self-contained chapter of a comprehensive story. For the jury: Hans Reul