Who we are

In the association »Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik« (German Record Critics’ Award; abbreviated: PdSK), Music critics and journalists from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland regularly come together to honor outstanding music and spoken word productions. Made up of a maximum of 160 jurors, the PdSK places great importance on reaching independent judgments, unaffected by the interests of recording or audiobook producers.

The jurors of the PdSK sift through and check all new publications quarter by quarter. Each panel of experts consists of up of five jurors. With currently 32 specialist juries, the entire, diverse spectrum of genres is covered, from symphonic music to opera to harpsichord music and spoken word, from jazz to folklore and heavy metal to rock and hip-hop. The jurors publish Quarterly Critic’s Choices, and once a year award Annual Awards and Honorary Awards to artists and producers at public events, and the »Nachtigall«, the highest artistic distinction, at irregular intervals. All award winners, from the Quarterly Critic’s Choice titles to the »Nachtigall«, are entitled to use the »German Record Critics’ Award« seal of approval as a sticker.

History of the PdSK

The »German Record Critics’ Award« was founded in 1963 by the Bielefeld publisher Richard Kaselowsky jr. Initially, an independent jury consisting of 44 record critics determined the winners, with the prizes being awarded in Hamburg. In 1979 the jurors reformed. Since then, they have consistently foregone any support from the Federal Music Industry Association. The Quarterly Critic’s Choice was created for the first time in 1980 alongside the Annual Awards. The PdSK has been a registered association since 1989. In 2013 the PdSK celebrated its 50th birthday – and its 34th anniversary of independence. In February 2018, the office relocated from Bonn back to Berlin.

Currently on the board of the PdSK e.V. are the jurors Albrecht Thiemann (1. Chairman) as well as Julia Kaiser (1. deputy chairwoman) and Sabrina Palm (2. deputy chairwoman). Assessors are Carsten Niemann and Joachim Mischke. Ingo Harden, who had been secretary of the PdSK from 1973 to 2000, was appointed honorary chairman.