With the »Nachtigall« (Nightingale) – a bronze sculpture designed by the artist Daniel Richter – the PdSK honors outstanding artists who have had a lasting influence on the musical world and have influenced it for the better – and still do.

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Nina Hagen  © GABO

Nina Hagen

A life’s work as a tightrope walk. Nina Hagen began in the East, became successful in the West and moved on into the world of international entertainment. The wildly expressive, humorously irreverent vocal style of her early years set the standards for German pop culture. Her dazzling aesthetic and her social engagement caused discussions, and sometimes controversies. Nina Hagen is a famously contentious artist, but she is also much more. She can sing like a siren, like a punk, like a rock star, with operatic pathos, or with theatrical force. She connects pop worlds, and brings people together. Nina Hagen is active as an actress and a speaker, challenging opinions, edgy and personal, empathetic and direct. She is an artist and a work of art with every fibre of her being, and she is one of the most famous musicians in Germany. Nina Hagen represents un utterly opulent life’s work; a firework. For the annual committee: Ralf Dombrowski


Brigitte Fassbaender  © Frank Leonhardt / dpa
© Frank Leonhardt / dpa

Brigitte Fassbaender

Bloom, fullness, life, love, wit, depth, rigor, warmth, clarity, darkness, glow and shine, but also grace and eroticism, truth, openness, intelligence, unconditionality, humanity: there are many, sometimes even mutually exclusive terms with which one could describe the unmistakable voice of the century by mezzo-soprano and alto Brigitte Fassbaender – none truly fits. Fortunately for us, recordings exist, even if they do not replace the live experience. Fassbaender has recorded over 250 records, opera, and song, from Bach to Schönberg, from Gluck to Strauss (and Strauß) in the course of her stage career, which she began in the ensemble of the Bavarian State Opera at twenty-one and ended surprisingly but resolutely in 1995 because »a slow fading away« was out of the question for her: »I wanted to resign in top form«. With love, wit, rigor, openness, intelligence, etc. (see above), she built up a second, unprecedentedly successful career as director and opera director, a career which is far from over: Fassbaender is currently developing Wagner’s »Ring« for the Tiroler Festspiele Erl. For the annual committee: Eleonore Büning

Brigitte Fassbaender, the winner of the Nachtigall, was celebrated on 10th July 2021 in the Festspielhaus in Erl – right after the premiere of her new Rheingold production.


Udo Lindenberg  © Tina Acke
© Tina Acke

Udo Lindenberg


Nikolaus Harnoncourt (posthum)  © Marco Borggreve
© Marco Borggreve

Nikolaus Harnoncourt (posthum)


Leonard Cohen  © Dominique Issermann
© Dominique Issermann

Leonard Cohen


Christian Gerhaher  © Jim Rakete / Sony
© Jim Rakete / Sony

Christian Gerhaher


Irène Schweizer  © Keystone
© Keystone

Irène Schweizer


RIAS-Kammerchor  © Matthias Heyde
© Matthias Heyde



Murray Perahia  © Felix Broede
© Felix Broede

Murray Perahia


Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen  © Oliver Reetz
© Oliver Reetz

Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen