»Nachtigall« Trophy

The »Nachtigall« (Nightingale) is an eighteen-centimeter high bronze sculpture that Daniel Richter, known for his spectacular large-format pictures, has created for the German Record Critics’ Award. Richter, one of the superstars of modern German painting, has proven his genre-crossing love for music several times. For example, he bought the Hamburg independent label Buback. Daniel Richter created, among other things, fantastic stage sets for the Salzburg Festival (Lulu 2010, Blaubarts Burg 2008).

He donated the Nachtigall sculpture to the PdSK for its 30th Anniversary. It depicts stylized songbirds, with coins used as the material. This way, the sculpture reflects the term »price« in the sense of an ideal, non-material appreciation and at the same time alludes to the musical context. The Salzburg gallery owner Thaddaeus Ropac generously financed the production of the nightingale sculptures.

Photo credit: Daniel Richter hands over the finished »Nachtigall« to the 1. PdSK chairwoman, Eleonore Büning (Photo: Boris Streubel)